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A red-black tree implemented in C++.

Language C++
Repository https://github.com/kahnvex/treepp
Last Update 1 year ago
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6b347fd6bdb97f7049e29341293b34ff9d6ac33c Jarrod Kahn Call it Tree++
eb5fe568095424b0595b488ef139f6be88d879cf Jarrod Kahn Usage example, not instructions
94a9c1360794575a0052b502159cbc06c4a467f3 Jarrod Kahn Remove args from main func declaration
7e53f9f5e3fb58ad2e28b40831eaf2034c7579fe Jarrod Kahn Use stellar mass as expample, not boring 'ol gdp
e46797b065205d68cac83764ef2eca7ac69ff0fe Jarrod Kahn Make a fully functioning README program
dc3a508348791fba415098f7b17e26a30bde9049 Jarrod Kahn Add a little README documentation
7e8c6e16f45c82c56620adfb2a74dacdf9120187 Jarrod Kahn Simply set-get interface by renaming insert -> set
51b6767b62db62cdc422109c982f587af334f001 Jarrod Kahn Wrap Node and tree in a nicer abstraction This completely hides the Node interface from the user of the tree, making the only unseful publicly exposed functions: tree.insert(key, value) tree.get(key) This also makes the .get(key) function create a node in the tree if the specified key is not yet defined, using the objects constructor.
3f5e50167ae8b4a703bf10cb19709db9641bcd6f Jarrod Kahn Add -Wall -Wextra compiler flags and fix warnings
b535b3e59ba309cdeefcdf524a4fb1221df511eb Jarrod Kahn Merge pull request #4 from kahnjw/improve_hashing_function Improve the hashing function used

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