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An experimental deep learning library.

Language Python
Website https://slugnet.jarrodkahn.com/
Repository https://github.com/kahnvex/slugnet
Last Update 1 year ago
Open Issue Count 5
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Open Issues

Switch backend to pytorch

Switching the backend to pytorch will make development much easier and faster, and perhaps more relevant to the applications users will see in the real world.

Add global average pooling documentation

Add global average pooling documentation and explore feasibility of adding a numpy implementation.

Add docs for ResNet DenseNet

Add short docs section to refer readers to more advanced DL architectures such as ResNet and DenseNet, specifically document in writing and visually how residual layers make use of an identity function to create short paths between early layers and later layers in a network.

Add BatchNormalization layer and documentation

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1502.03167 Deep Learning: Page 309

Add RNN layers, documentation, and usage examples

Add documentation for recurrent neural network layers and usage examples.