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A library for high-dimensional latent factor modeling for collaborative filtering applications.

Language Python
Website http://hidi.rtfd.io
Repository https://github.com/kahnvex/hidi
Last Update 1 year ago
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f5bd480b2008d2d898969be8dd3711f8d4817815 Jarrod Kahn Update pandas astype Categorical to new API
c1e28e1121b12f9979abbb43634ce85d4e247019 Jarrod Kahn Merge pull request #6 from VEVO/factorization.py Add Word2Vec Transforms
e2fcedbfb174f18ad40d98a0b8770525aa150099 Jennifer Zhao typo for DataFrame
20b342c64492493e305a3f948de18a55ea59a961 Jennifer Zhao increase the vocabulary size
79238608f6a7d9190ccd40513e8be52fff789c9f Jennifer Zhao change the builddataset transform and its test case
07be9f7cbedc2dab31434f048da7566cb61d0076 Jennifer Zhao modify the w2vstring transfrom testing case
b77bceb42139db0cfbdb0d425888e1530a72f7ff Jennifer Zhao correct comments and imports
ffaa324e1ac4041845441bec66a70d8859571737 Jennifer Zhao modify w2v string to output an iterable of sentences(lists)
2be177265ef625de708e35eef19b310e6c98ffe7 Jennifer Zhao add genism to dataframe transform
139de1c512deb125d0e1cb6daa1bbd324f3a6df6 Jennifer Zhao modify genism transform to take an iterable with sentences

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