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An experimental red-black tree implemented in C.

Language C
Repository https://github.com/kahnvex/ctree
Last Update 1 year ago
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$ git clone https://github.com/kahnvex/ctree.git

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a12db00d2b38b09cae4d981dab7628a26ffb08e4 Jarrod Kahn Merge pull request #2 from kahnjw/handle_malloc_error_in_tree.h Handle malloc failure in tree.h
c6632d15e56efe4a9919d2352fbca0240b87f8d4 Jarrod Kahn Add build badge to README
78bc3e0a8a533dd94781f4b0b493c9fe0d63ee61 Jarrod Kahn Add travis config
fba51301a977dee669b4849e1e962ac6fab49c85 Jarrod Kahn Handle malloc failure in tree.h
36ee49ca35dcc0d0aede92d0d6c03a25e1bb7417 Ian Ker-Seymer Merge pull request #1 from ianks/master node.c: check that malloc succeeds
f6a5bca201c56964fa952227e57e527cf77ed47d Ian Ker-Seymer node.c: check that malloc succeeds
95ca69b910158e6435d4ef2d11629bb08cd9f11d Jarrod Kahn Add O2 flag to analyze task to mark tail calls
2b34badd063b466df7f15d57aad3b9dda2f47d00 Jarrod Kahn Add analyze make task
f63124868f88474b329c319cdb01517cf5f573fd Jarrod Kahn Typo
027295c829bb9ffea3b7684bf2a4b83c50b6d1aa Jarrod Kahn Add documentation

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