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About Jarrod Kahn

Portrait of Jarrod Kahn against a black background

Jarrod Kahn is a machine learning engineer, and is particularly interested in probabilistic modeling and deep learning. He is also passionate about software engineering and applying software development methodologies to production machine learning systems.

Jarrod grew up in Boulder, Colorado where he attended the University of Colorado. He received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Economics. After college, he moved to San Francisco where he worked at startups and tech companies. After several years in San Francisco, Jarrod moved to LA to embark on a graduate degree in Computer Science (Data Science). He will finish his full time work in LA after the Spring of 2018. He is currently working projects such as Slugnet in an effort to codify his own knowledge of machine learning. To get in touch, you can send him an email. If you're just browsing, watch a video of Jarrod doing his favorite hobbie (skiing):